The Wall - Disaster or Destiny? Lessons From Life's Crossroads


The Wall - Disaster or Destiny? Lessons From Life's Crossroads


Every person faces one or more setbacks in his or her life. Not every person who has a setback takes a step forward to recover or move ahead. What many refer to as devastating events, monumental losses, and excruciating trials can occur totally apart from your desire or intention. A step forward to recover from a setback takes a willful act of courage. Sometimes we feel that we are immune to heartache, trouble, disappointment, or failure. However, we all at some point discover that we are susceptible to the attacks and contrivances of contrary spirits and evil men. We also discover that we are fully capable of making bad choices and decisions completely on our own. Regardless, an experience isn’t exclusive to the actions and events you endure and encounter, but rather what you do with what happens to you during your experience.

I am here to tell you that no matter what your experience is, you can recover! You can regain your balance! You can renew your vision! You can rebuild your life!

I know. I have been there.

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What People Are Saying About "The Wall"

I have completed your book. Any time an individual has rounded the bases in an experience such as you have, they are never the same. I know. I have made it my life’s work to focus on men who are where you are. Every situation is different. Every individual’s mind set is different. What you have done is absolutely amazing. Your candid confession is compelling. It has always been my opinion that anyone who has faced, as you put it,”their wall”, enters a new realm of reality.
What you have done is courageous; it’s truly apostolic. Very few will ever be able to truly understand what you convey unless their tattered remains somehow survive their journey through this lonely and dank battle ground. I truly believe that this deep inner speculation coupled with the true revelation that “Jesus is our advocate”, will bring you to a place that has landed in your final calling... the ministry of advocacy.

Grace and Peace!
— David Vigil - Director of "Heal Your Servant Ministries"

I’ve just finished reading The Wall and don’t want to give away too much but, I must say it cut deep and stirred every emotion possible but, not without resolve. A riveting cautionary bare-naked truth of a spiritual being having a real human experience relevant to ALL humankind! An astonishing read filled with unbounded revelation that will most certainly arrest your full attention and meet you on the crossroads of life. The Wall, an inescapable reality we all will or have hit at some point! This read will not only find you, it will not leave you comfortless but, equip you for prevention as well as cross you over if you are there! One man’s accountability to his brick by brick wall building shares that you can take a sledge hammer to your built wall and crash right through it bridging you to the understanding of true recovery, survival, purpose, renewed strength, and all that God has called us to be! It’s time we look in the mirror and face our painfully honest raw truth of the manufactured you. Blessings to you Bishop and to all who read this work of genius!
— Viktor Salazar

I just wanted to say that the book “The Wall”, by Rick Hawkins that was just released is life changing. I got it via e-book today, and had to make myself put it down going in to the fifth chapter! It is so relevant, real/authentic, and raw! I believe this book is for all people. No matter who you are, or where you came from! However, how I relate to it from growing up around ugly religion (my opinion for the most part), unauthentic people, and facing many “Walls” (some my own, some not... just majorly affected by them). I HIGHLY recommend this book!
— Bethany Godair Rodwell

This is really good... it has me shaking my head in agreement, I want to highlight and mark certain eye-opening phrases...but no highlighter ... I already know I’m going to read it again to make sure I didn’t miss (or misinterpret)’s by far a book that helps you realize no matter what you have done you’re worth more in the eyes of God..... But I caution it is very hard to put down!!
— Lisa Bryant

Began reading it right away, takin’ it everywhere I go & reading it every chance I get! Many of us have hit a wall & didn’t know where to go from there. Thank u for sharing your experience. It will touch a lot of lives. And I am very honored to be a part of PLACE FOR LIFE CHURCH!!
— Betsy

I’m so sleepy I couldn’t put it down! I think it was like 3am when I finally forced my self to lay it down. Its really good!
— Albert G.